A Good Find: Molly’s Mini Line

There are some shirts and dresses in my closet that require an undershirt.  Sometimes it is because the fabric is a little thin or white and I need another cover.  But there are times that the only real reason I need an under shirt is because of the neckline.  Because of the way I am shaped even a shirt that may not be very revealing on others is revealing on me.  I am also now getting used to doing all kinds of aerobatics in the dressing room just to make sure the neck line doesn’t reveal anything as I am lifting up my daughter, picking up toys from the floor, or even as I am holding her (some fabrics pull in a very exposing way I have found out).   I have quite a few simple necked shirts, but they mostly resemble t-shirts and I like to wear tops a bit nicer, without the added bulk of another undershirt.  I found these  special tops and automatically knew they were made for women with my current issue!

This is the best example I could find on their website to show without showing too much skin.  If you click on the link connected with the picture, it will take you right to Molly’s Clothing and their collection of “Minis”.  There is one (the strapless mini)  that has a lace top that I know would be perfect to wear under many of my wrap style dresses.  If you are looking for a nice way to raise the neckline on your current or wanted pieces of clothing, this may be it.  (With the added benefit that if it is hot out, you won’t be roasting in 2+ full layers of clothing!)


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