Simple Woman’s Daybook 1/12

For Today

Outside our Windows… Sun and snow. The lawn care man is blowing snow off of our sidewalks.

I am Thinking… I might take a quick cat nap on the couch while Little W is taking hers in the bedroom… Maybe.

I am Thankful For… Heaters and air vents and socks and gloves.

From the Learning Room… Little W is almost walking on her own. She is very comfortable on her feet and can plop down with ease now too.  She also has been talking up a storm in her own little babe language.

I am Wearing… The same outer clothes I wore yesterday. Yes. I did not leave the house yesterday so nothing got dirty.

I am Creating… Some amazing photos to mount and put in my online shop!

I am Going… Hopefully to the grocery today.. braving the cold and all. Brr.

I am Reading… Blogs and articles on the internet. That is about it for right now, so sad.

I am Hoping… For a check in the mail today!

I am Hearing… The hum of the computer and sometimes the crunch of hard snow under the tires of our neighbors.

Around the House… The babe’s toys scattered around a clean living room waiting for her to wake up and play.

One of my Favorite Things… Cute winter knee socks, especially if they are green and brown!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week… Grocery shopping, crock-pot cooking, and some winter scene photo taking.

A Picture…

This was the scene out of our study window yesterday, while the snow was still light and fluffy…


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2 responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook 1/12

  1. Where is this online shop? Also, did you get that “Itsy” picture you hinted at for Christmas?

  2. It has yet to be opened, but I will let you know when I do! And yes, Kahler was my “santa” this year and got me the print. It is great!

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