Rotating Toys

I have read from a few places tips on how parents deal with the stock of toys their babes collect from holidays, birthdays, and grandparents.  I am anything but a hoarder, yet I want to keep enough toys around to give Little W some versatile learning play time and save a few toys for our (hopefully) future babes once she grows out of them.  One recommendation I have taken into practice was that of rotating toys.  I have two cardboard boxes of small toys donated from others or gathered from family visits that sit in Little W’s room.  Each (or sometimes every-other) morning I take our little laundry hamper and fill it with a few toys and books to put in the living room for the day.  Lately I have also been leaving her little block/activity table and walker out for her to play with (they are the “newer” Christmas toys from the grandparents).  So far this has been working wonderfully.  Each time I switch the toys out Little W notices that she has new toys to play with and starts hunting around.  Today I put in an older softie she used to carry with her a lot when she wasn’t yet mobile.  She found it right away and started chewing.  It is so fun to watch her pick through her toys and find just the ones she wants.  It also lets all her toys seem new, and keeps the toy piles under control in the living room.

When she gets older I might put toys away (boxes in the closet, maybe?) and do the same sort of toy swap.  That way they are out of sight- out of mind.   If anyone else has some recommendations of how to take care of the toys you’re given yet not let them take over the place, please let me know!



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2 responses to “Rotating Toys

  1. Betsy

    I pack my boy’s (almost 3, and 1 year) toys away, keeping out about 1/3 of them at any given time. I swap them out about once per month and it seems to work out pretty well. I just got 2 storage bins, and I think I will just dump one of them out and fill it back up with the toys that have been out. We’ll see how it goes! Before, I’d pick and choose and often would spend more time than necessary on the project. They love it, though! The toys are especially scattered about the first couple days they get put out!

  2. Mrs. Peter

    It’s a fantastic idea. One I’ve never used with any amount of regularity, but it works anyway. When I get tired of tripping over toys, I pack some away instead of giving them away (which I am so much more inclined to do – I am such a lover of minimum!!) and when the kids find where they’re hidden (ha ha! They’re old enough to do that now!) they are allowed to “swap” toys, and then after awhile, I have to do it all over again. See, not quite as calculated in this house. Still. Basic idea. 🙂 I love it! Bless the woman that came up with that idea!!

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