My Babe Is 10 Months

Lately Little W wants cuddled a bit between her bedtime at 8pm and her feeding around 11.  She cries and I go in and pick her up, and she just melts into my shoulder.  Her head fits perfectly under my chin and she usually rests one of her little hands on my arm.  Her legs hang limply and within a few seconds she is heavy and dreaming.  I take these times when I can get them, hoping with all of my might that I can remember them when she is starting tee-ball, graduating from school, and having her own child.  I wish so strongly that I can remember the softness of her hair, the shallowness of her breath, and the sweetness of her skin. I know my arms will ache for her when she is older and no longer wants her mother to cuddle her to sleep, but I will take it all right now – and do my best in my limited human memory to cherish it in my heart.

My babe is 10 months old today and she has taken her first steps.  She is bopping to the music that her toys play and thoroughly enjoys a game of crawling “chase”.  Here she is in all of her orange stained mouth goodness (from carrots at lunch).


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  1. Such a cutie…they do grow up fast….if you keep having them then you can keep squeezing them! : ) You can also keep losing sleep!

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