A More Personable Hello, Welcome.




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2 responses to “A More Personable Hello, Welcome.

  1. Hi Mrs. V! Nice to see your lovely smile!

  2. Amy

    LOVE this. The voice and face connection will be really great for the people who don’t know you! I wish we could post back by video. I was reminded of the old youth group “come as you are” parties at one point when you were talking. That would be a fun post… a picture of each person, as they are right in that moment.

    OK, what am I doing today? I am coveting your description of a quiet friday! I wish. We went to the Dr. for Phil’s migraines. Yes! I finally got him there! We are encouraged that there may be some medications that will give him some relief. It is sonly about 2:15 now though, and it is beautiful outside, so I am leaving my office early and I am going to soak up some vitamin D. (That sounds so much deeper than saying that I am getting a tan!)

    Later we will assemble two dining room chairs. We are slowly replacing ours. Only one more to buy!

    And, I am going to get some things done in the guest room in an effort to have it really nice for your vacation! Some of that might spill over into Saturday. I think I will also hand wash Willa’s nicer little dress in the Charlies soap that is at our house.

    YOu get the idea… my life is starting to revolve around the idea of you all coming down. This is better than Christmas ever was when I was a child!

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