100th Post

From the ratio of how many visitors the blog saw to how many comments my welcome received, I am now aware that vloging is not the answer for Suddenly Mom!

I was thinking yesterday about how much I love my daughter.  I love her when she does absolutely nothing.  Of course I love her when she achieves something, or listens to me.  She has yet to serve me so I do not know how that feels.  But I love her just when she is sitting there, doing nothing (but maybe chewing on her little tiger).

I’ve always read and been told that “God loves us so much…” and then my mind goes to his forgiveness, his guidance, his understanding and grace.  But.. I never just stop at “God loves us.”  Period. In fact, didn’t “God so love the world”?

As a mother I naturally get a very amazing trait.  I love my child fiercely and unconditionally- in those moments when I can’t believe I am getting up for the 10th time at night and when she stands up on her own to walk over to me, her little legs wobbling but her face a beaming ray of sunshine.  I know that this has come from being her mother, because I will tell you, I have a hard time loving.   Loving is exhausting.  It is hard work.  And when I was younger I just plain didn’t do it.  In fact, I was incapable of doing it until I realized how to do it, why to do it, and who actually does it.  Because I know my skin and bones.  There is not a loving piece in my body.  Anything of good that I project is the Holy Spirit through me.  Fact.  So when I recognized this love for my daughter, I was overwhelmed with the gift: a natural place and spirit of love.

And it all made me think, if we are God’s children (no longer slaves… hallelujah) does he love us when we do nothing? When we sit there, reading a book before bed?  When we are driving to the grocery store? Or, even (hehe) picking our noses?  Does he love us just because we are his creation and his children, and that is it? Basic, simple yet radiant parent-child love.

(Of course, like with my own child, am I pleased when she does something I asked her not to? No.  But do I love her any less? Uh, no.)

I feel so blessed to be given this Godly trait of love just by being a mother.  A trait that came so natural to me when everything else in me is so soaked in the separation of the world with God. That amazes me. What a gift.

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