Dressing A Soon-To-Be 1 Year Old

I feel like we have turned a corner here.  Most clothing I am finding for Little W is separates. And honestly, I am so glad, because it is easier to change a baby who isn’t wearing a snapped on onesie with pants.  But it also seems like when you switch to the 12 month clothing you can no longer get those handy 3-packs for $8.  Each shirt or pants are single- all alone and more costly.  My question is, what is the best deal out there?  And if you can find things that are cheaper, are they worth it in wear?  I know the clothing will go through numerous washes and various food stains.  Can cheap shirts handle it?

Garanimals Basic Top $2.50-$3.50


Old Navy Patterned Top $4-$6


What I have found so far seems promising. I have been getting the Garanimals separates in size 12 months and they fit perfectly. (The pants & tights are the best fit I can find!) They are also cheap.  We went to Old Navy a few days ago and I was able to pick a few shirts for her off of the clearance rack (more decorated than Garanimals but a few dollars more even on sale.) I had quite a few Carter’s brand clothes that she has grown out of, but I am not sure who sells that brand because they were all gifts- like most of the clothing  she wore from birth until now.

What clothes withstand the spilling and crawling and constant washing? I want to spend our money wisely – getting outfits that are practical, appropriate, and can hopefully be kept for other children. I would appreciate recommendations from you seasoned mothers of moving babies out there. Got any advice?


**I should state that we are not against buying used. It is currently not yard-sale season here but when it is I will be ready!! I purchase many of our clothes from Goodwill, especially jeans, skirts or men’s dress shirts that are in great shape and only cost $4.  It seems though that some items cost the same or are even cheaper new from places like Wal-Mart when on sale, (example, Garanimals, men’s jeans, and women’s out of season tops. It is not right that my husband can find a great pair of new jeans for $7 and I can’t! HA).  Our Goodwill does not carry baby clothes and I have yet to find a baby consignment shop in town- but from my experience they will still cost as much as the outfits at Wal-Mart. So, pay for the used clothing and hope it lasts as long as new.. when they are about the same cost? Not sure yet.**



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2 responses to “Dressing A Soon-To-Be 1 Year Old

  1. Amy van kleeck

    I am not much help for little girl clothes. We used to buy the osh kosh overalls with the sliding buckle straps and they lasted forever. I could start with them shortened as much as possible and then could extend the strap to the end for months of wear! The boys never did wear thru the knees! Overalls always looked so comfortable to me.

  2. I like the idea of overalls but I am not fully sure about them for girls – unless they were maybe fitted and pink or something like that. Maybe overalls that end in a shorter skirt that could be paired with tights? I bet that would work with the buckle straps too. Overalls just seem to be something very masculine. I do remember wearing a pair of lime green short overalls when I was elementary school age… I think those have left the fashion scene though 🙂

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