It’s The Little Things

We have been using a bum mouse for quite some time.  I can deal with it, but my game designing – photo shop using – MMORPG* loving husband has been “dealing” with it for far to long.  We had enough left over this week for a new mouse, and after messing with a bit of photo shop myself I realized that it probably drove him crazy and that a new mouse should be on the priority list.

He came home from work last night with this little jewel.


I put a pen beside it so you could see just how small this mouse is.  It fits my hand perfectly. And guess what, when I click a button – it moves!  And I don’t have to click 6 times to get the right link. Ah… when things work the way they should. It is all about the little things.


*Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game… that is seriously what it stands for.


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