.Link Love.

The sun is shining, the huge pile of snow has finally melted off of our balcony (leaving it very sad, empty, and in need of some spring decorating) and the babe is taking her morning nap a little early because she wants to.  That is how we roll here. Flexible schedule. So here is some link love on this lovely Friday morning.  (All photos also link to their suggested site and are owned by those lovely shops!)

winterpeach on Etsy

This lady does not just simply sell little shoes to wear for a season, she gives you the pattern to make shoes forever! Another reason to learn how to sew on a machine. I think I am up to reason 49.







Gussy Sews

These items are just so fresh and cute!! She has many useful creations that add a bit of pretty and color to your every day activities.  (And I am a sucker for the color grey matched with pretty patterns…)











Allora Handmade

I talked about these necklaces on Facebook about a month ago and they have yet to loose their charm.  Best part about these pieces, they are in colors I love! Gray, Moss Green, Plum, Off-White, Blush, Brown. All my staple colors. (I have recently stopped  buying anything green because that was all I owned.. I still go to it first at the store.) I love the earrings and the hair accessories, but the necklaces are by far my favorite.






Happy Browsing!

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