The Cherry On Top


This is the last in a series titled 11 Months of Nursing. If you are just joining me, it might be helpful to start here.


As the cherry on top of my 11 Months of Nursing, I want to just be open and honest about the fact that even though I did and continue to nurse (and will past the 1 year mark), it was not a simple “switch on” for me.  I find that many times we tend to judge others simply on their final decision, “I nurse/I use formula” and that is it.  We might assume the reasoning behind it, but in truth each one of us has our own history to why we chose what we did.  The ending is not going to help someone thinking about which road to take.  It is not going to support them through the tough times so they can enjoy the easy times.  It is the story behind the decision that will most benifit those who are still searching for information, so they can make their own decision.  It is not just a label, but a series of choices that were made through education, support, and time.

You can say this about everything, actually.  A one word answer is nice but it will hardly suffice someone who is searching for the truth.  Considering how many women out there feel uneasy about their nursing situation or have just never been given an opportunity to hear and see how it really is, I felt it was needed to give a bit of perspective.  Because if I was just to say, “I breastfeed and practice baby-led weaning”, you would have a label and it would be up to you exactly how you wished to use it.  Doesn’t do much good for those thirsting for knowledge on something they might soon experience.  Yes, the story takes longer.  It takes time and a cozy couch and maybe more than one cup of tea.  But the story is what makes our decisions valid to those who see them.

There is support out there for those ladies who want desperately to breastfeed but are finding it difficult and exhausting.  The Le Leche League is a great resource to use.  The internet is also a place of great information and it is easy to find others who can be supportive to you during that time.  If anyone is struggling with nursing or the idea of it I welcome you to email me and I will get in contact with you.



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4 responses to “The Cherry On Top

  1. jim elliott

    great series-great writer-great daughter-great granddaughter

  2. Christina

    Don’t forget great momma too! ^_^

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