The Rod & Reel Pier

On both of our most recent trips to Florida we spent the weekend down by the ocean.  I am not a big fish eater at home, but I love the idea of eating fresh fish when you can see the ocean.  We were able to go to the Rod & Reel (located on Anna Maria Island)  again, which is such a great place to see.  It is small and relaxed and right on the water.  I have gotten their Saturday special- a fresh Mahi sandwich each time and it is so delicious.

We have had to wait both times, but it has never been an issue since there is such a pretty view and always things to see.  This last time we went they were catching fish under the restaurant to cook and eat.  We were able to watch a man fillet them right on the pier and feed the trimmings to waiting birds.  Little W loved watching the birds catch whatever they could.

This is a shot taken from the top part of the restaurant.  You can see Little W and I watching the birds.


This man was bringing a lone fish to be prepared on the dock.

The man in the navy hat was preparing the fish.  He had fathers and sons watching as he explained what he was doing.  There were also many birds ready for a snack.


This family decided just to feed the birds some left overs from their meal.


This pelican was greedy and took a whole skeleton of a fish in one gulp.  When we left (at least an hour later) he was still trying to find a way to eat it.  If you look closely you can see the fish’s eye through the tightened skin.


Oh, and here is some proof that the food is good.  The space is tight but the view is great.  Little W loved looking out the glass door we were seated by- all she saw was ocean.


If you are in the area I would highly recommend this place for lunch. You might have to wait a bit to be seated, but you could always choose to fish for your meal and that might make the time more pleasant.  The view is great and the food is tasty.


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One response to “The Rod & Reel Pier

  1. Rebecca

    What cute pictures.
    I love the one of Wills.
    Glad she is still a good eater.

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