Chewing On Things Written


Last night while in bed I kept going back to my previous post. I had written it and waited- read it to my husband for feedback and waited- and then posted it. It was not easy to write- I started out in 3 different ways (a sure red flag for me). As yesterday wore on I read it three more times, sometimes just bits of it- sometimes in it’s entirety. I was not pleased. So last night as I chewed on my words I wondered what bothered me so much. Maybe it was the stories. Maybe it was the talking about specific items of clothing, which really I did not want to get into- because it was not the point nor am I anyone to tell you what to wear, even by recommendation. Maybe it was because I had this gut feeling that what I was saying was frivolous and can turn dangerous in our spiritual lives (focus and idolization of clothing) bared close resemblance to what I stated at the end I was attempting to do. RED FLAG.

So to say it best, I have to just state the core. From my experience, and because of who I am through Christ, I have three filters which I consider clothing prior to purchase now. The first one is modesty. Do the clothes cover me properly, as to not show that my body is worth focusing on more than my face and words? Are they openly telling that I am not selling anything that is not mine to sell? Am I showing humility? The second one is feminine. Does the piece of clothing say I am specifically a woman? Does it fit with my natural air of womanhood? If it is not specifically a womanly piece, is it openly accepted as unisex? Also, would my husband like seeing me in it? Does it help me to feel ladylike when I wear it? And now the third filter which I started implementing. Does it openly say that I am better than others? Does it not simply go against dressing humbly but is frivolous with decoration that is not needed? Does it say “Hey, check me out.” or “Do not approach me, you are not welcome in my circle.”?

The questioning is what I wanted to bring forward, not the specific types of clothing. And my questions are most likely different than yours and that is okay! We all have different purposes. In my examples yesterday I realized that I was sending the message that the clothing itself is what is important, which is not what I meant. It is not. Anything that we hold in higher regard than God is an idol, and if we are stuck to one specific style of clothing and tell others that they must do the same- it is an idol- whether we do it for the “me” factor or for the “attempt at godliness” factor.

I fully believe that we are to work hard on ourselves, attempt every day to be better, but see others through the eyes of God. I am not your servant and you are not mine. We should encourage each other to strive to be better than we were the day before. I am sorry if it came across that I was saying I know a specific way to be. I do not.

I have a little quote written on my board in the kitchen. It says “ Let your love regulate your liberty.” And that is what I truly wanted to share.




I am going to keep the other post up. The one thing I like about blogging is that it goes wherever you go. I can always look back and see where I have been.



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6 responses to “Chewing On Things Written

  1. Amy van kleeck


    I liked the first two. I was pushed to thought, as is usually the case when I read your writing. This post clarifies them very well though.

    Yesterday,I was at the outlet mall. I found myself contemplating the purpose behind the things that appealed to me, the messages sent by others, and why anyone would spend over $100 on any article of clothing. (one store seemed to have nothing that cost less.)

    Thanks, again, for making me think. 🙂

  2. I can get myself into trouble shopping. Not money-wise, but mind-wise. If I find many things I like it is easy for me to want them all. I find myself then craving clothing. I can start thinking about how I would look in this or if that would match with that- which are all okay things to think- but for me- it is a difference I notice because it goes away once I am no longer shopping. There is something about materialism that can make people think that what they have is not enough, even if it is for only one short shopping trip (when I have enough tops and bottoms to cover me just fine, ya know).

    As for the $100 of clothing, I know to some people of higher income a $100 item is like a $10 item to me. And while I could not justify buying an article of clothing for $100 at this moment in my life, I know people who can and do and have no issue with it.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. Arianna, for some reason I am not getting your post in my box …so I will have to go back and read these! I will try to re-subscribe. I did go through and unsubscribe to alot of blogs a few weeks back but I didn’t think I had done that to yours.


  4. make that “a lot of blogs” …I know not spelling “a lot” right bugs a lot of people!

  5. BTW…I think you are a lot better than me!

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