Rainbow Cake



I have seen these rainbow cakes online and could not wait to make one myself.  What better time than Little W’s first birthday?  I could not imagine a little one eating a whole cake herself (or even a whole piece) so I thought with so many layers this cake would be perfect, she could have a layer or two and be fine!

She seemed to really love it and ate a thin slice of 2 layers.

 The project was pretty simple.  I used store bought cake mix and icing: 2 boxes of white cake and 2 large containers of cream cheese icing.  (You of course could make from scratch!)  I split the mixed batter into 6 bowls and added food coloring gel to get the colors I wanted.  You would not have to do a “rainbow” assortment, you could go for shades of a specific color etc…  I only have two cake pans so I could only bake 2 layers at a time.  They cooked in about half the reccomended time since the layers are thin.  At first I was alarmed because my purple looked gross with the browned areas on top.  But then I figured the icing would cover that up just fine, and it was the inside that counted.  All the colors came out about how they looked as batter, so I know not to expect any cooking color changes next time.  It was so fun to make.  I had never made a cake over 2 layers before, so this project really let me practice my frosting skills!



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2 responses to “Rainbow Cake

  1. Ooh, I’m saving this idea for my birthday this summer. My girls and I will love making it together.

  2. Rebecca

    It was beautiful! and tasted Yummy also!
    I have a lovely picture of Wills taking a big bite. 🙂

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