It Sure Feels Good To Sleep

Running, talking, and now… sleeping!

A few days after Little W’s first birthday we moved her into her own room.  The room that had harbored her toys, clothing, and newborn-worn rocking chair now holds her little bed- and she sleeps.

It has been a long road.  Little W slept so well until 6 months, just after returning from our first trip down to Florida.  She started waking up every other hour- and I nursed her.  It went on and on- I got more and more used to running on broken sleep.  But we pressed on and have come out victorious!  Her night time feedings slowly changed to night time cuddles- 3 then 2 then 1.  The last week or two she was comforted by just a minute of cuddles before drifting back to sleep on her own.  I knew we were going in the right direction.  I was only feeding at 5AM – and did that two nights while she was in her own room.  The 3rd night I just picked her up when she fussed, cuddled for 1 minute, and then put her back down. Success.  Last night (the 4th) she slept from 8PM – 8:45AM.  Straight through.  Not even a fuss as she found a more cozy spot.  Finally we made it through, just past the first year, and in our own way. (No crying it out, No “baby-wise”- just day by day dealing with needs and testing boundaries.)

I can tell a difference already in myself- I feel sort of normal!

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  1. Rebecca

    Yay for you all! 🙂

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