You Don’t See That Every Day

We had quite the hail storm today.  It happened out of nowhere- marble sized hail flew from the sky and bounced as it hit our balcony.  We could hear it pinging on the roof and hitting our air pipe.  The hail fell for a good minute or two before turning into a quick rain shower and then bringing out the sun.  It happened so quickly and was so beautiful to watch- I have never seen hail so big before!

This was towards the beginning- you can see the movement in the air!


Little W was so intrigued.


See all the balls of hail collecting and rolling down the corner of our neighbor’s roof.


You can see the size- here are some bits beside the nail heads on our balcony.


Once it started raining the ice quickly melted.


I love the changes in weather.  My favorite times are when I can catch a sporatic Florida mid-day pour down.  They last only a minute- but will soak you in the sunshine.  Hail storms like this one we had today are becomming my second favorite bit of weather.  It happens so quick and fast- and then it is all gone!  You have to pay attention to catch it in action.



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One response to “You Don’t See That Every Day

  1. Rebecca

    Whew, Glad we missed it! 🙂
    Glad you all are o.k. too.
    We did go through some bad weather in Alabama though.

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