Wake Up And Smell Breakfast!

What do your young ones eat for breakfast?

It is important to “break the fast” in the morning and get your metabolism going. I am trying to do better in the breakfast department but I always make sure Little W is eating well.  Most breakfast foods available are quick foods designed so that there is little prep work involved- because chances are you have not been slaving away in the kitchen just yet. In my case until recently, Little W has been eating fruit for breakfast.  We were experiencing broken sleep every night and I was getting up when she did- so a banana was quick and maybe some orange slices to go with it.  Now that she is only nursing twice a day (morning and evening) and never stops running or babbling she requires more food to keep her going!  I wanted to find healthy breakfasts for her that also required little preparation.  If you are wondering why not feed her dry cereal here is a nice little article on that.  Little W has never had cold cereal.  We held off wheat/grains until she was 11 months with 6 teeth (which to some is still considered too young, but we use it  rarely and with lots of butter).  So what does she eat?

Scrambled eggs, one slice of toast loaded with butter (maybe once every 2 weeks), slices of mango, pear or peach, silver-dollar sized pancakes loaded with butter (a nice treat), oatmeal mixed with yogurt, breakfast sausages or bacon.

Her favorite breakfast foods are scrambled eggs and the oatmeal-yogurt mix.  She can eat those every day if we let her.  So here is what we do for a hot, healthy breakfast that is quickly prepared in the kitchen.


Mix 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats (you could use quick oats but they are a bit more gummy)  in a pan of 1/2 cup boiling water. Heat until you get the normal consistency of oatmeal- maybe even considered a little dry.  Put your oats in a bowl and let them cool down some.  Once they are a bit cooler, add 2 spoonfuls of plain whole milk organic yogurt (we use the big tub of Stonyfield Farm) and mix.  Little W likes her oatmeal more thick, but your babe might like it thinner so you could add more yogurt.  Feed to your young one while it is warm.  The picture above is a normal breakfast serving for Little W and she will eat it all.


**This recipe is what we are currently doing.  I have been thinking about soaking our grains for some time and I believe I could soak our oatmeal easily so I am going to start trying it since I already use the cultured yogurt in her meal.  I will update if I notice a big change in soaking the oats.  If you are interested in soaking your grains or have never heard of it I would highly suggest starting here.




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