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Today I am going to participate in Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life – Tell Us About Your Church.

The church I am going to share with you all is my home church- the church I grew up in- and we try to go as often as possible (we live a few hours away so we try to make it 2 Sundays a month).  This is the church I still consider “my church family” even though it has grown and added many new faces since I went there as an extension of my parents.  My church is Sitka Baptist Church, located in Sitka, Indiana.  Sitka is literally a spot of 5 houses and a church, so it is easier to say that the church is in the country outside of Monticello, Indiana.

My church is everything you think of when you hear country church.  It is small, comfortable, and relaxed.  There are many age groups- when I was growing up my siblings and I with one other family made up the entire youth group.  As of now, they have very few teens but many young children- so they have added a child program again to accommodate them.  When those kids turn into teens (or if more start attending) I am sure they will just add a teen group.  There is no pressure to dress a certian way or be a certian person.  All are welcome and you can feel that.

As a child growing up in the church one thing that influenced me the most were the older folks.  Our church is still full of older wiser people who are genuine and are willing to spend time with those who are younger.  My elementary Sunday school teacher was in her 80’s and she is such a kind lady full of wisdom and kindness.  As of now she is still going strong at 102!  The last few times we have been in service I was able to see her there.  The church congregation is small, I would say between 60-100 people.  We sing hymns and there are no power point presentations.  You have to follow along in your Bible (no fluffy sermons here- which are on the website for those who wish to listen at home).  When I went to college I attended some Bible Studies through the school and was surprised to find out that the idea of Bible Study was usually like a book club to read other books.  That just seemed crazy to me, as I had grown up going to Bible Study on Sunday nights with my dad (and getting to drink coffee, hehe) which consisted of 10-15 people sitting around tables reading verse by verse through the Bible- talking and listening.  There is nothing wrong with getting together and reading good books- but it was just weird for me to hear that it was called Bible Study as well!

Another great thing about my church is that there are still some of the older customs.  We still do soup suppers and bazaars.  We have carry in dinners and business meetings where each member has a vote and a voice.  Although I have seen some changes in the food (and crafts) as older members pass away, the idea is still there. I truly wish that we would move closer to this church family but as of now there is little I can do about that!

If you are in that area of Indiana I would highly recommend visiting.  Visitors are always welcome!

(When we do not go to Sitka, we go to New Heights Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It is a great church as well- and although we are not members when we do not fellowship with our Sitka family this is usually where we are.)

Thank you for stopping by!  If you wish to participate or read about other churches just click on the link to Kelly’s Korner.

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  1. Kayla

    I found this article after a google search for Sitka on my Ipad to see if the recorded sermons play on the Ipad. Mrs. V…..thank you. I read this post to my mother and it made the both of us cry. It was my mom who figured out who you were. My family also attended Sitka when I was young. In fact, I remember my sisters and I carrying you and your siblings around the church on piggyback for a few years when we first started attending. I got to watch you grow into a fine young woman. I left the church family around the age of 17 or 18 maybe and lost my way for awhile. Eventually I joined the military and left Monticello as well. My parents remained for many years, but now even they have moved away. Your post about Sitka brought back memories and tears for both myself and my mother. She misses Sitka like you would not believe. She loved everyone at that church and so did I. You did a fantastic job of describing that unique little church. If I were anywhere near Sitka today I would have been there for church. However, I live in Florida where my husband and I are currently stationed. 8 years left before we get to come back to Indiana. Thank you again for taking me for a trip down memory lane. I enjoyed the journey.

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