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I saw this and thought it would be worth sharing, especially for those of you out there who are not yet married.  Although I can not say my first kiss was given to my husband on our wedding day (unfortunately he was not even my first/second/third kiss- which I think of now as completely disgusting, but at the time was young and did not understand) I can say that this is something that is important and should be followed.  God does not give us examples of how to live to hurt us, but to help us along before we understand (if we ever do) and to actually stop us from hurt.  If you do not have that kind of trust relationship with God as a younger adult then my hope is that you have a trust relationship with your parents.  And if they have set their standards from the Bible then I hope you follow those.  Parents are a young one’s link to God while they are growing and learning.  Before an actual relationship with God begins the relationship with your parents has been secured and is growing.  They truly are the link between you and obedience to God until you are aware of God’s authority and have built a relationship with Him.  Unfortunately this example is for Christian parents only.  But remember that everyone is a sinner in need of grace, so parents are not perfect.  But if they love you- they want what is best for you- and if they love God- then they want you to do what is right in the eyes of God- what is best for you.

For those of you like me who did not follow the teachings of God (through their parents) when you were younger, don’t let it stop you from sharing what you believe in now.  As an adult, I have changed my views on things that I did as a teenager.  I am open as necessary about it.  If I hide behind my faults I am no longer able to be a good example.  If I stay quiet I am not aiding.  I have to share of my own faults, and show where that has lead me and what I know now.  God’s grace is for sinners.  So own what you have done and what you have learned and share it with those in need of enlightenment or encouragement.  Help others not have to carry the baggage that you may carry because of your youth.  I am still young and still learning and I am sure that I will look back in 20 years and see more than a few things I could have done or said differently. (This is where you older women are oh so important!!)  But I can rely fully on my relationship with God as an adult now, and I know that it is secure and that is not going to change.

Like always, I welcome emails from anyone.

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