The Beauty of Everyday

The home is the first culture where we find our place, and if no one is cultivating a beautiful home, then I think people start to look elsewhere.



I have been watching a food travel show on Netflix some nights that has a host who has less than desirable traits (guesses welcome).  One thing that I have found most interesting is that on more than on occasion he has brought up the topic of home cooking, mothers no longer cooking, and people wanting comfort food.  He got into a discussion with a few other famous food personalities and brought up a topic about comfort food.  When everyone came back to things that their mother made them “gifts from her hands” as he liked to put it, he flat out said something in the line of “Aren’t we then knowingly withholding that type of comfort from our children by not following suit? Watch in ten years the most expensive thing on the menu will be grilled cheese with cauliflower salad.  The poor will be eating lobster and filet mignon.”  He also has stated something in the vein of how we skipped a step with the removal of homemaking classes during the feminist movement.  He asked why we went from every woman taking them to no one taking them, instead of having everyone take them or at least those who wanted to, despite gender.  It makes sense, I mean wouldn’t you want everyone to learn how to roast a turkey instead of no one?



So I have been doing everyday.  Little W has started walking with vigor, which means more bumps and bruises and cuddle time.  Yesterday she somehow landed under an easel.  Today she met the side of her face with the side of the coffee table.  Any time someone leaves the bathroom she runs as fast as she can to see if they left the toilet seat up because yep- the toilet is the coolest thing ever to her right now.  She goes into her room and flips though her “touch and read” book that sits on the ottoman.  She will just stand there quietly flipping through the thick cardboard pages until the end, then flips back and starts again.  The girl is so much fun.

I also decided to make a meal plan for dinners.  I have been holding off doing it for the longest time- mostly due to some fear of having everything planned out.  I usually just make a list of all the meals I can make with the ingredients I currently have and cross them off once we have them.  This is a little more in depth.  It made grocery shopping a breeze (also more expensive… not sure how that will work) but I have yet to start the plan.  When I do I’ll put up the recipies that are new.  We are trying homemade alfredo sauce, chicken cacciatore, and cheeseburger pie (among other things).

Another thing I have been working on is my etsy store- which is now open but still sparse.  Oh, humble beginnings.  I put a button to the store on here but that will be about the most of my advertising.  Don’t worry, I am not planning on spamming this site with my store items.  I did however get a great deal of information about sales tax and selling tangible goods legally.  Who knew all the hoops I’d have to go through just to maybe make a bit of a profit myself.  The internet does make it extremely easy to do once you know where to go and what to fill out.  I would expect that though, the government wants it to be a simple process because they want it to be easy for you to give them your dues.

So… I have just been enjoying my home.  Soon the weather will be consistently warmer and I think we will be out and about much more, so I want to enjoy these times just relaxing at home when the chill outside will still sit in your bones.  I hope you are enjoying your home today as well!



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6 responses to “The Beauty of Everyday

  1. Rebecca

    Very good point Ari.
    The director at our local food pantry even asked us to please not donate rice, beans, and basic staples of cooking because people do not know how to use them or do not have the time to use them. They wanted box dinners and pre-made meals (heat up only or very little other work to add). This means that there are generations of children growing up that have never actually watched someone make something to eat from scratch items. They have not enjoyed the smell of something cooking and the changes in the smell as it progresses.

  2. Rebecca

    P.S. What a “cutie pie” you have there!

  3. I am trying to give my children those meals and memories – it is so important!

  4. Amy van kleeck

    I wonder if my any of my boys remember the house filled with the smell of cooking apples every fall. I was not known for my great cooking skills, but at least one Saturday during the season I would make apple crisp and homemade applesauce just to smell it all cooking. Those are my “comfort” foods!

  5. How does one make “home-made applesauce”….my mom always made applesauce cake. It is true that people don’t know how to use staples anymore…all that processed stuff …and we are sick of it ..literally!

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