Nice Finds

I don’t go to Wal-Mart very often, but when I do I try to skim through the women’s clothing section and look for deals.  Wal-Mart usually puts older stock on clearance quickly, and when the item was originally $7 you know the clearance will be around $5-$1 depending on the type of clothing or brand.  Sometimes I leave with nothing, but then there are times I find a great shirt for ridiculously cheap (cheaper than consignment, and new).  I wanted to share this top I found because it solves one of my button-up problems.  Our store carried many colors of this top, but the newer ones were priced $14.  I found this one on the clearance rack.

It is Lee’s Riders brand.  I am not really brand-savvy but I think it is a newer line for Wal-Mart.  And here is the great part.  I saw this and I was sold.  It has two hidden snaps to cover that annoying area of fabric that always pokes out!

I have never been able to wear button ups comfortably because of this issue.  If I did wear one, I would need to wear a tank under it which added bulk… plus made the point of wearing one for ease of nursing pointless.   And how much did I pay for it? Three Dollars.  There were some pink ones on sale for $7, but I think if I hold out I can get them this cheap as well.

If you deal with this issue and are in the need for some nice looking tops, I would recommend seeing if your Wal-Mart carries this brand.  It is also supposed to be a no-iron-needed fabric, but I have yet to wash and dry it, so I don’t know for sure how it wrinkles.  The fabric feels as if it wouldn’t need ironed after dried though.



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2 responses to “Nice Finds

  1. Rebecca

    Wow that is cool! Very much needed too. Good for you!

  2. Rebecca

    I mean the extra snaps/ closure for that area are very much appreciated for some. I hope they have your size in pink soon!

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