Nursing While Pregnant

I had heard from many older women that nursing while pregnant was a big no-no.  I have heard many mothers lament over switching to formula for their little ones because they became pregnant.  I know that nursing is taxing on the body.  I know that being pregnant is taxing on the body.  So, two is too many?

We found out that the V household is expecting another little one at the end of this year.  I had an idea, since I had been dizzy and tired for a few days.  I  had even passed out once, due to getting out of bed too quickly and bounding down our hallway.  I collapsed in front of our study door (where my husband was) and was out for no more than a second or two- but that had never happened before so I knew something was up.  Once we knew I was expecting I got some great prenatals and since then have had no issues with dizziness.  (Must have needed iron?)

I am still nursing Little W in the morning and around 7pm.  The morning time is when she really likes it.  I have been keeping with the evening one although she lately has been only nursing for a few minutes and then is ready to go play again.  I think we will be dropping that one this week or next- all from her lack of interest.  So yes, I am nursing and pregnant.  As long as I continue to eat well, get sufficient sleep, and take a nice prenatal vitamin to give me that iron, I see no reason to quit- especially when Little W is going to be down to once a day.

I have noticed an added sensitivity on my part.  Thankfully my daughter is a pro and I feel discomfort only for a second in the beginning.  I have read that your milk changes flavor when you are expecting again, but if that is the case she does not seem to mind one bit.  Other than that I can tell no difference.

Here is a site I found helpful when questioning my continued nursing.

Hopefully this will also explain the lack of new content on the site.  When the babe sleeps, I go down for a nap as well!



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4 responses to “Nursing While Pregnant

  1. Christina

    Congratulations to the both of you! =)

  2. Hey, I didn’t know you were expecting too! (Like Sam …not me)…Yay for you. As far as weaning goes I have always chose not to nurse while pregnant. For the same reason that they encourage you to nurse after birth …it causes uterine contractions …which are good to bring the uterus back down after birth but may not be good during pregnancy. Also your body is feeding one baby and you don’t want to overtax the calcium etc. needed for your own bones.

    Just my thoughts though..I have friends who have nursed while pregnant and seem to have healthy baby’s (the older one and the younger one!).


    • You are right about the uterine contractions. That was one of the concerns brought up in many of the articles I read about nursing while pregnant. Since I only nurse in the mornings now I personally feel no worry. If I were nursing a young babe that still required feedings every 3 hours I believe the situation would require a lot more research and contemplation before I made a decision.

      It is so neat that by this time next year we will have four little cousins in our family.

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