Crock Pot Chicken

This meal is so healthy, filling, and easy.  Three great qualities when thinking dinner.

Crock Pot Chicken

5 carrots peeled and cut in bite sized pieces

5-6 celery stalks cut in bite sized pieces

1 small chicken (we get the ones about 3-4#, but you might need a bigger one for a bigger family!)

Enough potatoes to make a batch of mashed potatoes (we use 1 small potato per person) and butter to season

Season salt (Lawry’s), pepper, regular salt, corn starch, water

In your crock pot put the veggies on the bottom.  Place your thawed chicken on top of the veggies.  Sprinkle seasoning salt all over the chicken.  Take your water and fill the sides around the chicken up until you have it about 3/4 covered.  Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours.

When the chicken is done put the crock pot on warm and slowly take out your chicken on a plate to de-bone. Take some of the broth and mix it with corn starch in another bowl until you get a good thickener.  Add to the rest of the broth and veggies.  It will turn the broth a creamer color as you mix.  Shred the chicken as you like it and return it to the pot.

Peel and chunk your potatoes, place them in water and let it boil until they are ready to be mashed (you can break them apart with a fork).  Drain the water and put the potatoes back on the stove with some butter.  When the texture is creamy with a few lumps they are ready to be placed at the bottom of your bowls.  Plop a serving of potatoes on the bottom of a bowl.  Add your chicken and veggies from the crock pot.  Add your broth.  Season to taste with salt or pepper.

We like to turn it into a sort of soup by mixing all of the ingredients together.  The broth thins the potatoes and it is so creamy and delicious.

This is how Little W eats this meal… so she is not left out! Just give a toddler a more chunky bit of the potatoes and leave out the broth.

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Looks absolutely Delish!

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