Mmm… Hamburger

Awhile ago I saw on a show called Food Tech a process in which certian types of meat product were being “cleaned” with chemicals such as ammonia and then formed into sellable patties.  On the show, the factory worker explained that these patties were made mostly for fast food companies. I cringed at the thought.  We already ate out very rarely due to budget so I did not feel too concerned.  (If I feel like a hamburger and fries from Steak-n-Shake though, I get a hamburger and fries.. the craving is just not very often!!)  But that was one of the first reasons why I decided to switch over to ground turkey instead of ground beef at the store (we also eat a lot of ground venison, also known as the deer my dad shot last season here in Indiana) just because- how could I truly know?

Now I don’t know how many people watched that Food Tech episode, but I am sure a lot more people tune in to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show on ABC.  I am so thankful for his demonstration, as it shows that as of now any ground beef can have this added pink chemical slime.  I found a clip of it on YouTube and I recommend watching it if you have not already done so.  It is important to know what we are eating!

Personally if I want ground beef I feel most comfortable at a local butcher shop.  We have looked into farm shares and I am hoping to save enough through this year to buy in next summer season.  We have quite a few farms in the area that have great programs with lots of fresh vegetables, grass fed beef, and free range chickens.  If you live in a rural area it should be easy to find farms that are open to sharing.  Sometimes all it takes is a Google search.



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2 responses to “Mmm… Hamburger

  1. EEEWWWW! I need to be more careful where I get my meat from…I have used lots of deer this winter as well!

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