Planning With Meal-Nausea

I have had a hard time meal planning lately due to all day nausea.  When I went to make my grocery list last week I had to take a break between items that made me want to throw up!  I have never been this sensitive to food in my life and to be honest it can be pretty frustrating, especially when I need to make a meal and everything (to the thought of it) makes me nauseous to the point of needing to sit down!

I have had a few good days where I felt normal but the all day nausea seems to be back.  I am definitely not a fan but I know I can make it through… just one moment at a time.  I was never nauseous pregnant with Little W so this is all new territory.  I feel bad for my little babe as I am not able to play with her as much- I seem to need more time sitting on the couch.  But the sweet babe doesn’t seem to mind much.

Little W is growing up to be such a sweet little girl!  I do not like how old she seems sometimes… she is just a little 14 month old.  She started drinking with the sippy-cups with the straw attachment and she has gone from drinking maybe 1-1.5 cups of water a day to 2-3 cups a day, just with the change.  I think it is easier to drink through the straw.

Any advice for cooking/meal planning on a sick stomach?  My sensitivities seem to change every day (although some do stay) and it is hard to think of what to make when just the thought makes me sick!



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4 responses to “Planning With Meal-Nausea

  1. Maybe just plan to have salad with various stuff thrown in for a whole week? (Chicken one day, beef the next, salmon the next, bacon the next day, turkey the next day. Boiled eggs the next) That way you can just throw some spinach/romaine in a bowl and keep a tray of veggies ready to be thrown in and chopped meat ready for that day.) (I think I want to try this and I’m not even pregnant!)

    One thing that did help me was saltine crackers and ginger ale. I think this is because that’s what Grandma Brantham gave us when we were little and sick …so it’s comforting to me.

  2. Brittany

    In my first trimester, I kept getting sick from chicken and then any meat, garlic, and onions. I tried to avoid them as much as I could, but having a meat eating husband makes it hard. So, I had candles burning, while cooking the foods that made me sick, which made it a lot easier. Also I left the window open. That way, my husband wouldn’t be deprived of meat!

  3. Rebecca

    I was going to suggest eating a bite of ginger, or ginger ale.
    A fan in the kitchen might help too. Or you could hire a cook, just for these few short months of course. HA HA
    That one would be hard to give up.

  4. Thanks for the tips ladies. I did pick up some Ginger Ale today and I think that will help. I also started snacking on Clif Bars, which have 10g of protein and seem to not turn my stomach!

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