Little Swimmer

I’ve read quite a few articles lately about children’s swimwear, swimming in public pools, and modesty.  The warm weather has brought these things to mind in many mothers.  As I read their concerns I thought to myself, I have a bit of awhile before I need to ask some of those questions.  Little W is only 14 months old and as of now does not understand nakedness or modesty, therefore would not understand if a place was appropriate to swim or not.

But then there is the training part that comes to play.  I can not make my daughter be modest.  It is something that she chooses to do.  It has to come from her heart.  But I can require a code of dress for my children and explain to them why.  I have decided to start this early- even now.  I know it is easy to say “Oh, she is hardly one year old.  It does not matter what she wears.  She does not understand. Nor does anyone care.”  That may be true for some, but if dressing modest has always been the way you dress, it does not seem that foreign when you get older and realize you have many more choices of wardrobe. It is not something that you have to do, just something you have always done (and you grew up knowing why!).

I know I have spoken briefly before about my own dress choice when I was younger.  I wore bikinis in the summer (two piece as a life guard also) and shorts/short skirts.  I was never one that showed much cleavage (except for those pesky bikinis!) yet I did own a few lower cut halter tops to wear out on a summer occasion.  I honestly thought very little about it.  Ah, but I do now.  Let me tell you it is much easier to find a swimsuit with less fabric than more! (Also much more inexpensive!)  But anyways, here are some items I found browsing for little babes.  These all come in Little W’s size (12 months) but many go from  12 months to 4T range.

Old Navy is a place that many moms go to get clothing for their kids.  You can pretty much get cheaper clothing for your whole family there, and they are always rotating clothing to clearance.  Old Navy’s website has 8 one piece suits for little girls.  The rest are bikini or tankini types.  They had the most variety of types, but not UV protection outfits.

This toddler bikini is on sale for $8 at Old Navy….size 12 months.

This toddler two piece fits more like a shirt but still has the revealing underwear-like bottoms.  I imagine the shirt comes down and does not show the belly? 12 months

This is one of the 8 one pieces that Old Navy had on their website, and the only one that looked young.  The ruffle helps but it is still cut high on the bottom.

This is considered a “cover up”, but looks like the safest bet for UV protection, modesty, and comfort. 12 months – 4T

I stopped by The Children’s Place online and they only had 2 one piece suits.  Their bathing suits looked more mature as well.  I went to the Wal-mart website and they had more one pieces than any other type (2 bikini cut), but no shorts for girls, only boys.  Target had the largest amount of one pieces for 12 months – 4T girls.  All of their two piece suits were more “sports bra” like than bikini, which was different than the other stores.  They also had a few sets of UV protection tops and shorts in cute colors (purple, pink, teal).

Target’s two piece rash-guard swimsuit, $12.50

So many choices for this little 14 month old…I think I am going to go ahead and start early.


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