Days Out and Days In

I think today we will spend most of the day in.  Yesterday was such a busy day.  We visited one of our favorite places to eat for lunch (with a free meal for me) and then headed over to the zoo.  We were looking forward to the zoo and knew Little W would like looking at all the animals.  Just like at home though, what peaked her interest the most were the birds…

After a day at the zoo my parents came over to take us all out to eat for my birthday.  We had a great time and ate some good food.

There was this little doll chair by the waiting area in the restaurant and she went right over and sat down.

Resting with grandpa and dad after dinner.

This girl is loving accessories right now.  I do not wear much jewelry, but I do usually wear bracelets.  She was always asking to wear mine (too big for her wrist) so I made a little beaded one for her and she loves it.  She wore it all day yesterday.  She also loves her shoes, and when she gets dressed she goes and picks out a matching pair of shoes to wear.  We don’t wear shoes in our place but I’ve let her some since she likes to get all ready to go out  I suppose.  And lately she has also shown an interest in sunglasses. She prefers mine.




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  1. Rebecca

    One Cool Kid!

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