Aiding With Little

I first heard about Compassion International through various blogs.  I heard the cry from those sponsors who blogged, “Why not do it too?”  For just $38 dollars a month one can aid in a child’s well being from across the world.  And not just food and water, but a safe place to go to school, get health check-ups, and learn about God (through church and children’s church days).

I have never been one to see my future in missions to other countries.  I have never felt the yearning to move and aid those in Africa or Nicaragua.  I have always felt that there are poor across the street.  There are needy in my neighborhood.  There are those living in chains all around me here, so why should I leave? (This is my commitment, while others know they must go and aid those in other countries.)  If I am to feel (or if my husband is to feel) that we must go somewhere else, we will go.  But for now, we are here.

So when I heard about Compassion I first thought about those commercials that (since I last watched programing, anyway) have babies with flies around their faces and some rugged looking man saying, “For just 30 cents a day Little Johnny here can have a meal for dinner.”  And I would be lying if I said that while I was younger those commercials moved me.

But while looking through Compassion’s website (after clicking a few links from blogs) I saw this was something different.  It did not just feed a dusty body.  Their goal was to not just glorify God by caring for the needy, but to teach the Bible.  To give these little babes a safe place to learn about God.  Now that is everlasting!  A free meal will come and go, but faith in the Lord can bring you through any situation.  So I wondered what we could do.  I read about being a Child Correspondent.    Some sponsors have the funds to give to many kids but are not able to write for some reason.  Compassion considers letter writing an important part of the child’s growth.  For these kids Child Correspondents are chosen- people who choose to write in place of the monetary sponsor.  They become the face the child knows.  They build the relationship and encourage growth.  I picked up the phone and called.

The man I talked to was very nice but gave me the impression that I might not be contacted.  He said the need varies and there is usually a list.  He encouraged me to continue learning about Compassion and maybe even decide to sponsor a child myself.  I did spend time looking, and even spoke to my husband about it.  I thought, how amazing would it be as a mother to think of some stranger across the world taking an interest in my child?  Giving them just enough to let them learn and grow in a safe environment. I would be overwhelmed!  We thought that if we could find another couple who would go in half with us, we would be able to afford it.  We tossed back and forth ideas.  And then a few days ago, a packet came in the mail.  We were going to be in contact with a boy from Thailand!  I could not believe that in a few short weeks someone needed a correspondent and we were chosen!

So it is possible to give with little.  We tend to think that we can not serve or give to others unless we have a great amount of funds.  But here is one example of being involved even when you can not pay the way.  A letter means just as much as a check.  Even when we have little, we can give big… sometimes we just have to be creative- and sometimes we just have to find the right article.


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