Why Not…

Read the Bible aloud next time you are taking a lengthy trip in the car?

I regret that I have not been keeping up with the Filling Up My Time  account on here.  I have found that the best time for me to read the Bible is before bed.  I like to retire a bit before I am actually tired to read and write in bed, so this fits perfectly.  I also like the idea of filling my mind with truth before falling asleep.  I am still on my journey through the New Testament (my first time all the way through!!) and am excited that although I have at points taken many days off, I continue on and as of now am reading almost every day- sometimes many times throughout.  If you can not tell, I am thrilled about what I am reading!!

Yesterday we took a trip to visit family and I brought my Bible along.  Instead of reading quietly to myself I started reading out loud in the car.  We got through 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon with much discussion.  The mood in our car upon our arrival was very peaceful.  Although I doubt we will read through every trip from start to finish, it is a nice way to break up the drive.  Just a simple idea… wish I had thought of it sooner.




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2 responses to “Why Not…

  1. Thank you! It has never occurred to me to read aloud in the car! I can do this at home as well. At random. Thank you. You have blessed me today.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  2. I am glad you stopped by here. Yes it seems like such a basic idea but I had not thought about it before either. It definitely made a great car ride.

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