The Second Time/Q’s To Ask A New Midwife

Although we moved almost an hour away from our previous residence, the lady that aided us with the birth of Little W will be our midwife yet again with Lil’ Sibil.  We met for the first time earlier this week (already 16 weeks along) and I welcomed the change and ease of our new meetings.

While we started seeing her around 8 weeks along with Little W, I took my time with this one.  If she would have us, I knew that early meetings would not do much.  We used those first weeks pregnant with Little W to get to know her and see if she was the right fit.  She also needed to evaluate us.  I recalled that we could not hear the heartbeat with the doppler by 12 weeks with Little W, so I pushed that time off and waited to call until 15 weeks.  She proclaimed, “Of course I would love to be your midwife! We must get you in right away!” and that is what happened.  We were able to hear the little heart of baby number two and go over the normal questions.

The ease is even more so now than before.  With our first pregnancy meetings, I of course had many questions that she answered thoroughly.  This time around I feel like I know what to mention and what is normal.  She knows us (and has seen us work together in the birth of our daughter) so there are not so many questions, just conversational catching up and joking.  This pregnancy has been so different than the previous one but even with different symptoms I still feel the ease that comes with experience.  It also helps that I am well aware of her competence and she is well aware of mine!

Some Basic Questions to Ask a New Midwife

How many births have you attended?  How many births have you accidentally “missed”?

What would cause you to transfer my care to a doctor?

What is your transport (to the hospital) rate?  When do you choose to transport?

If I am transported, what is your role at the hospital? (Do you have hospital privileges?  Do you take the role of a doula or support?)

What percentage of your clients tear?  What is your episiotomy rate? What specific things do you do to prevent those?

What do you bring with you to a birth? What am I required to provide (birth kit)?

What services do you offer with your prenatal care? (Blood-work, urine testing, birthing class, ultrasound, diet monitoring)

What services do you offer with your postnatal care? (Physical check-ups, weigh-ins for baby, required health screenings or tests for baby, diet monitoring, nursing help)

What is the cost of your service?  Are there extra costs (classes, kits, birthing pools etc) to consider?  What is the cost of your assistant (if applicable)?

Do you recommend any books or dvds?

And the number one question, do you like them?

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