A Little “Crunchy”?

I don’t enjoy placing labels on myself or my family.  Labeling groups seems like a nice way to show statistics and “get a feel” for something but what it all boils down to is that people are different.  Regardless if they do a few things the same or attend the same meetings, no two people are alike in every conviction and action.  The only label I feel comfortable calling myself is Christian, and I look toward the Bible for what that means, not other Christians.  So, are we a crunchy family? Hehe, no.

I am going to show you two areas of my kitchen at this moment.  So yes, we too strive to eat and live well (yes still without the microwave) but we are by no means letting food run our lives.


I had this for a snack between breakfast and lunch. YEP.

Of course everyone needs a good box of Bisquick to go with rice and beans, right?

So here is to gaining knowledge, making informed decisions, and being real.



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6 responses to “A Little “Crunchy”?

  1. Aunt Kaye

    Hey Arianna, Since you like to eat rice-n-beans, do you know how to make “gallo pinto” for breakfast? It is great with eggs. Let me know if you want the recipe. Aunt K

    • I would love any rice-n-beans recipes you have! We are trying to eat more beans as a cheaper protein source. I made re-fried beans for the first time 2 weeks ago and it went well- very filling when you soak the beans 24 hours! If you don’t have my personal email you can you this email: suddenlymom(at)live(dot)com. Thank you!!

      • Hey, I want the recipe too …also my kids like Aunt Kaye’s Black beans and rice (w/ the sazon goya packet mixed into the beans). I doubt the packet is very “crunchy” though! : )

  2. I will label you slightly crunchy! : )

  3. Found you by way of the journaling post at Breezy’s site. We are also a family that does not use a microwave, and I have a great copycat recipe for Frito Lay Bean Dip that you can make out of all of those beans over at my blog


    And I’m also a wordpress user!

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