Little Ones Caring For Their Homes

One thing I have been taking full advantage of is Little W’s want to imitate me and take care of her home.  I remember times while in school when I would see “the list” of chores on the fridge and dread the rest of the day.  Chores? UGH!  Little did I know at that time that my future career would include all those chores, done by me alone, daily!  I think little of it now, but back when I was a young kid cleaning the bathroom was such a pain.  The day my mother told me that I would be doing my own laundry is a day I still remember- it wasn’t as much of a burden as it was a shock.  I was old enough at that time that I could have been a laundry expert.  But the shock came from thinking that I had never had to do it before, so why now? (Maybe I should say that laundry is one of my favorite chores to do now. Hehe)

Little W is 16 months and attempts to copy almost everything we do.  If she has a cloth she “wipes” the counter or table where she is sitting.  If I have the dishwasher open she runs into the kitchen and rearranges the plates on the bottom (on a few occasions she has put clean lids from the cupboards into the dishwasher).  But her favorite “chore” is laundry.  I can tell her it is laundry time and she will run to the laundry doors.  Her favorite thing to do is stand in front of the dryer door and wait for me to hand her a wet item from the washer.  She will then put it in the dryer (usually with an exaggerated “Umph”) and wait for another item.  When we are done she shuts the door as hard as she can and then claps.  I turn it on and we close the doors.  (She also likes taking clothing out of the hamper or putting clothes back in it.)  I encourage this because I do not want her duties as a member of this family to be shocking to her.  If she has grown up helping out (hopefully) she will come to expect that taking care of the home is what a family does.  And why not develop this thought while she loves helping out?  It just makes sense to me.  Mothers out there of grown children, you probably have many little tips on this!!


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3 responses to “Little Ones Caring For Their Homes

  1. Tituslady

    My little girl is just a month younger and does the same thing! It is so cute! I agree if our little girls grow up cleaning it won’t be that big of a shock once they are older. It has been a struggle for me as an adult, because I was never taught how to really be a wife and mother. It is fun learning with her and teaching her!
    God Bless!

  2. I’ve taken the cue from Andrea Fabry and have started making my kids do their laundry when they hit double digits. This has actually worked well…the big boys said when they went to college they had to show other guys how to do their laundry. (I think they were secretly proud to be “in the know.”) BTW….while I was typing this the phone rang it was Josiah (who is at work) asking me if I would run downstair and throw his clothes in the dryer so he could have something in there ready to wear when he gets off of work today. I’m down to doing laundry for Scott and I and two kids now! Whee!

    • As embarrassing as it sounds I was older than 11 when I had to start doing my own laundry. I believe I just started driving or was a little younger. I wasn’t that helpful around the home unless put on the “list” or had an ultimatum unfortunately (sorry mom!!). I’ve thought of the idea of kids doing their own clothes by a certian age, but also just having laundry be a rotating chore that all kids do during their time. I am glad that your boys know how to do laundry. Zach just threw everything in the washer together when I met him so I know there are a lot of guys out there who leave home with no home keeping skills to aid them. Hopefully if we are given a little boy to raise he will remember to keep the whites away from the darks on laundry day when he gets older. (haha)

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