Yes, My Daughter Bit Me

The strangest thing happened today at the store.  We were getting ready to leave.  Mr. V was trying on a pair of pants in the dressing room and Little W was getting squirmy.  She had already gone back to look at the housewares and toys and I wanted to stay close to the front so when he was done we could leave.  After having her squirm in my hands I let her down and held onto her hand (my other arm was holding a dress) so she would not run off.  She has just recently started warming up to holding our hands.  She now likes to do it at home walking down the hallway.  So I held onto her little hand quite firm (but not squeezing) because she struggled to run back to the rear of the store.  As I looked down at her she did the oddest thing.  She whipped her head around and bit my hand!  And I do not mean just a little bite and that was all.  Full mouth.  She clamped on with her teeth as to say, “LET GO!”.  I should state that she did not bite hard enough to even leave markings- it was clear that she was trying to get her message across, not hurt me.

Well I looked down at her and only a slight smile could come to my face. I quickly thought, “Where could she have learned this?”  She does not attend daycare, or even spend time in the nursery.  I have never seen any of the kids she does spend time around bite.  Obviously I have never bit her nor has she seen me bite my husband.  I couldn’t help but think this was just sheer survival helping her get her way.   I saw a lady watching me across the aisle and she seemed perplexed at what I did next.  I leaned over to Little W, who was still ready to bite again, and said “I am quite impressed with your quick reflexes to get away, but you do not bite me.”  My voice was calm, and I looked right into her eyes.  She broke off and attempted to run again.  It only took one more biting attempt followed by one more “We do not bite mom, remember?” for her to get the idea.  She stopped struggling and walked with me to the front of the store without a problem.

I can only imagine what else is in store for me.  And I can not even imagine how things will go with two little babes.  I can assure you though, this was my first experience being bit in the middle of a store.  I doubt it will be my last?



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3 responses to “Yes, My Daughter Bit Me

  1. Amy van kleeck

    And. So. It begins. 😉

  2. Rebecca

    Most every child tries that avenue at least in one phase of their life. She is determined to see what works for whatever she wanted to do, but is not able to verbally communicate to you yet. The reaction she gets will give her a lot of information too. 🙂 I guess the issue will be, how long she keeps trying this and/ or how long it takes to curb her of it. Their are some stubborn and hard headed humans out there. Imagine that. 🙂

  3. Ah…the sin nature raises it’s head in that sweet little cherub of a face! It’s what makes parenting such a chore…dealing with out own sin nature while learning how to deal with the little someone’s for whom you are responsible! Good to know the Holy Spirit is there to help us!

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