Love My Products, Hate The Ingredients

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When most people find a product they love, they stick with it.  In the case of beauty products, some items become so loved that they can not be replaced.  They will be purchased year after year regardless of what new brands come out or new colors get invented.  When we find what looks good on us, we tend to stick with it.

So when was the last time you looked at the ingredient list of your favorite lotion, lip stick, or blush?  When picking out something new, do you ever turn the product around and read the fine print?

Like with food, big corporations are wanting a piece of the “natural” product pie.  We now have more items to choose from- and those natural products are usually more expensive than our trusty older models.  Are we buying them?  Is the chance that maybe a natural product will work as well as our current one good?  Would we risk spending more money on something we might not use more than once?  And here is another thing, are we relying on what the company’s definition of natural is, or are we checking the back of the box as well?

One thing I have learned on this road to healthy living is that better for you does not always mean more expensive.  Purchasing basic ingredients to use as shampoo, lotion, or face wash can be both economical and non-toxic.  Better yet, there are plenty of small companies making great healthy products with great healthy ingredients (that you can pronounce) that do not cost an arm and a leg.  And you might even find them better than your old trusty model.

Our skin soaks up what we put on it.  Our baby’s skin soaks up what we put on it.  Maybe it is time to look at the little fine print and ask ourselves “What we are feeding our skin?”.

The conversation will continue on Monday with a way to win some great products that you (and your skin) will love!


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