Two Naps To One

The past few weeks have been strange concerning naps.  Little W usually naps from 10a-12p and then again from 2p-3:30p.  Well the last few weeks she has been napping all over the place! Sometimes she went down for her first nap at 9:45am because she could not keep her little eyes open and her thumb out of her mouth. Other times she would play in her bed until 11am, so I would just go get her and then she would be exhausted by lunch.  Most recently, she would take her first nap from 10a-12p and then be up the rest of the day, not wanting to sleep when I put her down at 2.  By 6pm she would be so tired and just not feeling like herself.  I figured we were in the two naps down to one nap natural transition.

This is the third day of Little W not having a morning nap and instead going down for her “nap” after lunch.  So far the naps have been going for about 2.5-3 hours.  She is not tired the rest of the day until it is bedtime, but she is still a bit tired right before lunch.  I think she likes this plan better though.

As for me, I actually feel like I have to adjust!  I was so used to having 2 times throughout the day to get things done.  Especially since I am now pregnant, the first nap really let me get some good cleaning in and so I napped as well during the second one.  Now I am going to have to find a way to switch it up!  I might just have to switch some of my chores to later in the evening since Little W still goes to bed “early” (8pm).

I can say that I am glad we let this napping thing go at it’s own pace.  She has always been such a great napper and once she turned 1 she became as great night sleeper as well.  Hopefully we will have a few more years of this mid-afternoon nap time.


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  1. I think a good afternoon nap is great for everybody!

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