Changes In The Air…

Here in Northern Indiana we went from high in the 90’s to high in the 60’s almost over night.  It actually changed with a single storm.  With the change in weather I noticed how disorganized Little W’s clothing currently is.  She is right in between some sizes and I was feeling out what fit and what didn’t.  Doesn’t look like I will need to do that anymore (perpetuating the clothing chaos that is) since the climate has changed so drastically that sleeveless tops and skirts have no place in the closet anymore.  Then again this is Indiana- might need to leave out one summer outfit just in case!

I have not written about Bible reading in awhile so I thought I would do an update.  I am still chugging my way through the New Testament.  Hebrews really took me awhile as it seemed so different than the previous few books- such a change of pace!  I do really feel the need to go back in a bit and re-read that book in a different setting.  Right now I am finding the best time to read is right before bed, except for our “daily proverb” that Little W and I try to read each morning with breakfast.  How is everyone else doing in their Bible reading?  Reading daily really does fill us up and prepare us for the day- even if it is read at night before bed.  If that is one thing you are not doing daily I would ask that you try it- even for a week.  Pick up your Bible and start reading a book- or if you are feeling adventurous start at Matthew and keep going!

Well a big pot of chili is calling my name…

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  1. We use the WOL Quiet Time Diaries for all of us and right now they are in Psalms. We also read a Proverb a day in the AM together and it is interesting to see what “stands out” to various children…interesting how it is usually a verse I hoped would “stand out” to them. “Thank you Holy Spirit!”
    The Word of God affects the Dads, Mom, and Kids …definitely the two-edged sword to every heart.

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