October, Already?

The last few weeks have been different here at the V household.  I have been trying to spend as much quality time as possible with Little W.  Only a few more months of this “just the two of us” stuff.  I am starting to realize how quickly these seasons change.  We will never be here again- so I want to make lots of little memories with my first little daughter.

One neat time is “snack time”.  Hitting the third trimester has really brought on my appetite, and of course Little W is always hungry, so we have really enjoyed sharing peanut butter sandwiches on the couch at random hours or having “picnics” in the living room with fruit and other yummy goodies.  She is always ready to take a bite out of whatever I am eating!

Pregnancy the second time around has also shown me more symptoms that are not always so comfortable.  I plan on sharing what has helped me get through some very uncomfortable moments lately.  When pregnant with Little W, it was easier find ways to relax or take time off my usual duties.  With no such lifestyle anymore, sometimes I have had to be creative to take care of myself (and the little one growing) and my toddler.





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