When There Is Little Comfort

Lately I have had to deal with some uncomfortable moments in pregnancy.  Every woman deals with them as her due date gets closer, but some start feeling uncomfortable sooner than others.  Pregnant with Little W I felt wonderful (besides the heartburn) until the near end.  With this little babe I believe my body has decided to really feel pregnant.  That means obvious braxton hicks contractions since week 23 and pelvic pressure galore!

Some things that have really helped me with uncomfortable (but not labor-like) braxton hicks contractions or (sometimes intense) pelvic pain/pressure:

Sitting down with a huge glass of water.  Drink it all and then go get another glass and sip it.  Sometimes your body just might be dehydrated.

Putting your feet up, even if that means lounging on the couch with your feet propped up beside you.  Other times you might really feel the need to prop them higher so use the back of the couch for support.

Sitting “indian style” on the floor with your hips pushed forward, letting your baby rest out of the pelvis some.  This really works well having a toddler, since I can sit on the floor and play with her while stretching my back muscles and relaxing my pelvic muscles.

Wearing good shoes (even in the house if necessary).  The support can really help with leg pain, lower back pain, and just feeling worn down by the end of the day.  A good pair of tennis shoes is wonderful at the end of pregnancy, when your feet really need the extra support!  In the last month I can tell a big difference at the end of the day with my feet and legs if I wore flats instead of tied shoes.

Using tried-and-true labor relaxation techniques.  Sometimes all that will help is relaxing through the discomfort.  Let your jaw loose, lower your shoulders, and let your body relax slowly.  Slow breaths with your eyes closed can help as well.  I have done this sitting on the floor and that has helped, but in some positions it actually made the pressure worse, so your might have to move around a bit to find a sitting position that helps, like propped up in bed instead.

Any other bits of advice or tactics that worked for you?



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