33 Weeks & My Feet Are Up

We just moved into a new home and let me tell you, there is one good thing about moving while in your last trimester: NESTING!  I actually feel quite accomplished when looking around- the boxes are disappearing rather quickly and I am already not picking clothing out of my luggage.

Pregnancy seems to be going so quickly this time around, and I assume it is because I have another little one to focus on. (That and I am way past the nausea phase, so besides not being able to see my feet when I look down, I can play it off that I am not as pregnant as I truly am.)

Being at the end of the road so to speak, I really am trying to do everything I said I would this time around.  After labor with Little W I remember stating, “I SO did not do enough squats!”.  So, guess what I get to do a million times a day? (It helps to have a toddler that leaves toys around the house- a great reason to get down and pick up the living room while stretching out those much needed muscles.)

I heard the same thing from another mother who recently gave birth, which required many squats to help progress labor.  I guess I am not the only one who thought my initial few squatting sessions were enough.  So, if you are not doing what feels like millions of squats a day, maybe you should go do a few more! HA!

In fact, maybe I should go do a few more.  Just let me finish my 12th glass of water for the day.  Then I’ll put my feet up for the night.

Enjoying the journey.



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One response to “33 Weeks & My Feet Are Up

  1. Rebecca

    So Glad you are getting settled. I really liked your statement: “Enjoying the Journey”. Nice thoughts.

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