Torani Syrup Giveaway!


I was first introduced to Torani Syrups as a barista in college.  We used them to flavor our hot drinks and also our Italian Sodas.  I was hooked!  When my husband and I were thinking about opening up our own shop, I did not worry about what products to buy because I knew we’d useTorani.

Through SheSpeaks, Torani gave me 2 large (glass) bottles of flavored syrup to test.  I actually received the package the day we were moving!  In the box were Peppermint and Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon.  To be honest, I was really hoping for basic Vanilla, since I have been craving Vanilla (decaffeinated) Cokes this pregnancy, but I knew the Peppermint would be delicious in my decaf black tea.  And it has been!  (I’m a little spoiled from my barista days, so I already knew what most of the flavors tasted like.)

The sugar-free syrups Torani offers are sweetened with Splenda, so I have not tested this flavor.  But I have had them in the past and they taste just as good as the ones sweetened with sugar.  So if you are a fan of Splenda and are watching your sugar- you do not need to miss out on flavoring your coffee, sodas, or teas.

Torani is used in many coffee shops to flavor all of their coffee and soda drinks.  But you can also use them at home!  I have seen the smaller bottles at places like Wal-Mart or Kroger.  You can usually also purchase the larger glass bottles from coffee shops.  I have used Torani to flavor coffee, tea, and soda from home many times and it is not hard.  All you need to do is mix a little (to taste) of the sweet flavor in with hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, or your Coke of Pepsi.  Any hot drink flavor is good in coffee, from the regular Vanilla or Chocolate to Butter Pecan or English Toffee.  My favorite in hot chocolate is Creme de Menthe (It is a green mint flavor).  To make sodas, all you need is some sparkling water to mix with flavors like Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi and Lemon.  My husband used to always ask for Italian Sodas from work.  He would mix flavors and come up with some really tasty mixtures.

Torani has given me 5 FREE COUPONS (up to $8 value) to give away to 5 LUCKY PEOPLE! The coupon is for any flavor of Torani to try yourself.

If interested in purchasing some syrups online, you can use the offer code shespeaks to get an instant 10% off your purchase.

To Enter: All you have to do is leave a comment!  Make sure I have a way to contact you through email in order to get your address if you win! And there will be FIVE winners, each receiving ONE free coupon!

The Giveaway will end 11/15/11 at 11:59PM.  Good Luck!

This giveaway is open to those living in the USA.



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12 responses to “Torani Syrup Giveaway!

  1. I would LOVE to enter this giveaway! Thanks Suddenly Mom for taking the time to do these special offers for us!! Jill Wyse

  2. Yummy! I love torani from my college days! Please enter my name in the drawing! Thanks so much for your postings!!!

  3. Amy

    I love your give aways! Can people with the same last name win? I am still so proud of your “She Speaks” article. You know where to find me if I win!

  4. Sarah Van Kleeck

    Hey! I love love love how creative you are. This season I have been craving hazelnut steamers. Maybe if I am a lucky winner we can get together and share our tasty treats. 🙂

  5. Tim VK

    I don’t want it! But I that doesn’t mean I don’t think you and your family are amazing!

  6. Amy van kleeck

    At Maranatha Manor we use syrups to make the resident’s coffee time a bit more special! We want it! 😉

  7. Connie Westrick

    Have loved these for years!! Love the giveaway!!

  8. Awesome way to introduce your syrups to us at home. I love the way peppermint flavors my peppermint mocha at the local coffee shop. Thank you for what you offer.

  9. Lesa Schmidt

    I have never tried any of these flavors but now you have me intrigued. What a fun give-away! 🙂

  10. Sarah Morgan

    This would be great! I have just started making my own iced coffee at home to cut down on my starbucks habit ($$$$). 🙂 A new flavor would be super fun 🙂

  11. Leisa King

    Guess I am too late, lol! Though we would love to try it…I love reading your blog…

  12. Terrill. Morris

    First introduced to it at a ice cream parlor I enjoy it with my sugar free ice cre

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