What Day Is It, Again?

A quick update.  A moment before it passes.  My littlest daughter is here and she is sleeping in her little “easy chair” in the living room.  My husband is resting on the couch.  He has felt better.  Our first little girl is asleep in her room, also feeling quite under-the-weather, but she is almost always in good spirits and went to bed easily.

I am tired.  Each night comes and I think to myself, “Oh, another one of these…”  I have been spoiled in the last 9 months to have a toddler that sleeps so soundly for 12 hours!  Even with the constant bathroom breaks of pregnancy, the sleep I found was good.  Now I am back in the newborn season of life, and this little one doesn’t always know when it is time to rest.  But unlike the previous newborn stage I’ve gone through, this one comes with an added bonus: a happy toddler that is ready to eat and play and love on little sister each morning, whether this mother is well rested or not.

This season of life is new.

And in the thick of the night I think, “Oh, this is hard.  I just want some rest! Morning will come so soon!”

But when morning comes, and I slowly get ready for the day to the sounds of my babbling toddler in the other room (who patiently waits for me, too) I find myself filled with energy.  I find myself waking up and ready to go.  And as I watch my littlest babe (who is two weeks old today) finally fall asleep around 8am, I am in the kitchen making breakfast and drinking some sort of hot non-caffeinated drink with a tired smile on my face.  Somehow I make it to the morning.

It makes me think, Joy Comes In The Morning.

It makes me think, I am weak- But God gives me strength to do good for my family.

It makes me think, I was made to do this.

It makes me think, This season will be over soon, so what am I doing on the computer?


I will share the home birth story of Baby A when I can get time to type it all out.  I know how helpful those stories are and I like to think back on it with a fresh perspective.


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3 responses to “What Day Is It, Again?

  1. You were made for this. So true. You can do it! (And yes you will be tired while you do!) Be sure to nap when both of them do! The Lord tenderly cares for those with young. (That is somewhere in Psalms….but I’m too lazy to check it right now.)

  2. Rebecca

    Your grandpa Jerry would like those words you used. “Easy Chair” and “Joy cometh in the morning”. 🙂 You Do a Great Job !!

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