I’ve Been Starving Myself…

Just a quick moment.

My life has been full with the caring of two little ones.  Thinking I could go days alone without reading the truth, I have been starving my soul- even filling empty time with things not everlasting (Netflix, Facebook, music) and all the while thinking I could survive.  I have been starving myself and after days and days I was noticing the change.  A lack of daily truth, no promises on the tip of my tongue, a quickness to frustration or other emotion that is not usually so readily available.  I needed to fill myself up with the living word.  The enemies of God can do many things to make me believe that I am filling myself up with sustaining materials.  But my soul knows and aches for truth- and I can feel that now.  Weeks of starving have brought me back.  Time for meat and potatoes.

If you are a Christian and are not reading the word every day, I would challenge you to start.  Start with Matthew and keep going.  It will bring you closer to the Lord (why be anything but as close as we can?).  It will feed your starving soul.  You might be running on a very empty tank and not even realizing it because it has become the norm.  Try it.  Give yourself a daily dose of the living word of God and truly nourish your soul.


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  1. Excellent! But be ye “filled” with the Spirit.

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