So, Your Baby Has GERD.

So, your baby has GERD (aka intense acid reflux)?

Mine does.  She is 2 months old.  She pukes everywhere. Almost every day (sometimes more than once a day).  All over herself. All over me.  All over the couch.  Here by a Google/Bing search for “My baby is puking constantly and just ruined my new Toms”?  Welcome, friend.  When I searched out information about why my precious little one was puking (and if I needed to do something) I came up with all the same things.  Well-baby visits.  Medication.  But some practical advice? Umm.. nope.  So no, I’m no doctor. I’m a mama.

Some things I have found to help my babe with GERD.

Prop that baby up. (If baby falls asleep while nursing, I have found that this position is fine and if allowed to sleep cuddled next to mommy baby does not puke when he/she wakes up naturally.)

Be overly careful when handling. Like holding a little baby chick.   

Dress baby in cozy clothes when home, don’t mess with fancy outfits that aren’t comfortable and costly.

Have outfits ready in various places throughout the home (especially if you’re home alone). Might as well keep many soft burp rags around, too.

Don’t let baby “cry it out” or fuss for too long. It can cause a puking spasm that might not have happened otherwise. 

Throw out feed- schedules. It will just confuse and frustrate you. Feed baby when they cue, they may want to eat again shortly after puking!

If you choose to fully bathe baby every day (or after every puke) be kind to their delicate skin and use safe, gentle wash and lotion, like Weleda or Sassy Goat Milk Soap. 

Change your diet. (For me, I found that limiting milk products really helped!)

Let people know you might be late, so you don’t stress when baby pukes in the car seat while heading out the door.

Breathe. Relax. Smile. Your baby doesn’t want to puke any more than you want them to.  Don’t let baby get the vibe that you’re frustrated at them. 

Do your hair nice and put on some pretty makeup.  There is a good chance any cute outfit you have on will be in the hamper by noon, so why not put the cute where it counts and wear a new lip gloss or try a new hair style?  You can feel put together even when all your jeans are dirty and you are in your pajama pants by 2:30 in the afternoon.

Speak softly and love on your baby.  Puking can be scary, and your baby needs to hear mama’s sweet voice telling them everything is going to be okay!

Give yourself a good talkin’ to.  Don’t let baby’s stomach issues be something you created.  If you are doing the best you can, and you know it, don’t stress that it is your fault!  Babies just puke, and life goes on.  Don’t let it get you down.

Tell daddy you might just need him to pick up some chocolate after work (or a latte, or rent a movie, something special).

Any other bits of advice out there moms?


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3 responses to “So, Your Baby Has GERD.

  1. Amy van kleeck

    Lol. There is one of those little gift books to be published from this list. Keep adding to it and get a good artist interested. I think you know one! 😉

    I am pretty serious about this!

  2. Kim Hampton

    My almost 3-month-old has GERD and my other daughter did too when she was a baby. Both of them did really well with Zantac. My older daughter was on the gentle formula and my baby is on hypoallergenic formula which also seems to help. I keep a lot of cotton diapers around to use as burp rags. My older daughter outgrew hers when she was around a year old, so hopefully my baby will too.

    • Thanks for commenting! You are right, what baby eats (or what mama eats if she is nursing) does seem to make a big difference. I love using cotton diapers as burp rags, too. They seem to hold up well. Hope you have a great day!

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