Moments With The Second Born

At first I felt as if I wasn’t giving Little W (now 24 months) enough attention when the little baby A arrived.

Then I felt as if I wasn’t giving either little girl enough of my time, since I was going back and forth (lunch then diaper changes then nursing then another diaper change then clean up then nap… and on and on).

Now I feel like I have found a balance.

Time with both of them together, time in the living room together, time listening to music and sermons and speeches together (with a few Veggie Tales & Blues Clues in there).  When the weather was so nice out we were outside every day, walking and playing at the park.  We came in smelling of sun and in good spirits all around.

Time one-on-one with Little W, on the couch reading books, learning how to scramble eggs, folding laundry, playing with letters, or making plastic animals stampede through the hallway.

And a very special time one-on-one with Baby A, on the floor with a crochet blanket beneath us.  She was on her side, and we just lay there facing each other- our faces only a few inches apart. She reached out and grabbed my face.  David Lanz was playing in the background.  We smiled at each other as I thought, “I will remember this time.”


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