Fold Your Hands & Sit

I’m in the middle of finding words to print (design) and hang around our home.  This is a little something for today. I’m thinking it will go by the rocking chair in our bedroom.  Not sure yet.



Are you very weary?  Rest a little bit.  In some quiet corner, fold your hands and sit.  Do not let the trials that have grieved you all the day haunt this quiet corner; drive them all away!  Let your heart grow empty of every thought unkind that peace may hover round you, and joy may fill your mind.  Count up all your blessings, I’m sure they are not few, that the dear Lord daily just bestows on you.  Soon you’ll feel so rested, glad you stopped a bit, in this quiet corner, to fold your hands and sit.

(Author Unknown)





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2 responses to “Fold Your Hands & Sit

  1. That is great! I have a saying from Stan’s mother – If you don’t listen, you have to feel. Hope you are all doing great!! Love your posts! Keep them coming!

  2. Rebecca

    That is Beautiful. ~ The picture and the wording.

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