Organize & Arrange

The next step in this “Spring Cleaning” is organization.  With those piles gone (or on their way out the door) you will find not only more space but also things you want to keep.  The one thing you need to do is get those items in a specialize place.  If you don’t, you will find yourself starting another clutter pile.

Everyone has their own flair for arranging things. Some people prefer that everything be labeled.  Others want things in specific colors.  Pick a method that works with your home and your lifestyle.  If you find yourself putting mail in a pile on a side table, find a nice basket or wall mail hanger and put it in the area where you naturally drop your mail.  Your mail will have its own organized space, and it will be easy and natural for you to place it there. One way people get hung-up on keeping things organized is that they are unrealistic.  They start a system that may seem very attractive but it just doesn’t work with their lifestyle.  In a few weeks (without discipline) the clutter will be where it normally is and you will have more of a mess because you now have more stuff.  If you have a hard time staying organized, work with your natural habits.  Even though a fancy filing cabinet looks nice, you may only need a little lock box for your belongings.


If you are having a hard time coming up with practical ways to organize items, just search online or ask others what they do.  I searched “pretty organization” and came up with many ideas.

Just remember to keep your momentum from clearing the clutter.  See what items you have left after dumping & donating, and then decided how you want to showcase them in your home.  The goal is to have a spot for needed things, not just to buy new items to replace the old.  If you are like me, you might hate the idea of spending money on storage.  But if you are going to keep items that have to stay in one place (say, a few sets of sheets) then you need something to store them in (like a big plastic tub).  Oh- and don’t forget to label if you can’t see what is inside!  There is no reason to keep it if you will forget you have it!

Before Summer Starts…

Clear The Clutter

Organize & Arrange

Make The Practical Pretty

Clean Those Hard-To-Reach Places

Set Goals For Summer


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