Almost One.

I’ve caught myself watching my Christmas Baby the last few days.  Half way through my ice-coffee making.  Mid-loop while crocheting.  Pausing to watch her eat, or play, or converse.  (She does that now, so sweetly.  It is amazing how I forgot this stage with Little W.  That time before many words are known, but practicing communication is oh-so-fun.  The same little babbles, in highs, and lows- the pauses just like real conversation. And of course, waiting for the other to respond- which puts a huge grin on the little conversationalist’s face.)

Oh how I love her.  The bright spirit of a little girl is coming forth from her baby sweet cheeks.  I am getting to know my daughter- what an exciting time…. and she is magical. 

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  1. Sarah

    I love that stage! Asher is right in that stage, too. 🙂

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