booksA few books in my 2013 pile.

Many people enjoy New Years Resolutions, and although I have never been one to sit and mull and think on items to change in the coming year, I am one who enjoys goals. Without goals, how can we work on discipline? Hmmm.

There are some goals that never change, and some that are specific to the season of life I currently live. Right now is a big change for me in general, as I truly no longer have a baby & a toddler, but a toddler & a toddler-almost-preschooler. (Almost 3 isn’t quite a preschooler, right? I’m going to go with that!) Putting both girls in the same room (and having sweet baby A sleep through the night) was the jump-start to a new season. And with a new season comes a new schedule, as the old one just won’t do anymore. It is an exciting time here, as my husband also has new stagnate schedule to work with this month. Ah, the month of change indeed!

Goals For 2013
Read 12 interesting, edifying books for personal use. (Simple goal I hope to surpass this year… which sadly I did not last year.)
Attempt an entirely new schedule & be as efficient as possible. (There are a lot of goals within this one, which I will share in a post to come.)
Send one encouraging, pretty note by mail to a sweet friend every two weeks (opposite Office Day as Pay-Day).
Have a small but beneficial flower/vegetable garden.
Pinch every penny I can to not only fulfill our goal to be debt free in three years, but at the end of this year (which is the second year). We are so close!
Attempt either one group yoga session a month or one knitting/crochet class a month.
Read the Proverb every morning that coincides with the day, and a Psalm every night before bed.
Write one blog post a week, and focus more on reviewing helpful items or useful thoughts.

Have you set clear goals to meet this year? Or maybe you like to place monthly goals for yourself. It is always an encouragement to check something off, so sometimes even a “take shower” goal is a good one for me!


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2 responses to “Goals

  1. Rebecca

    A quote I always heard growing up was: “Read two old books for every one new book” 🙂 Can you imagine who who said that? Ha Ha
    I like the idea of a yoga or knitting class. Great idea!

    • I wonder what is considered an “old book”. Most of the books I have set aside so far are from 2000 on, except for two that were written in the 1970’s. But if I count the Bible as an old book then I might just fit that recommendation.

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