Meal Planning Take 2

I fell off the meal planning track awhile ago. I tried doing it and just felt totally uninspired. I was worried about being “stuck” in a meal- I mean, what if we changed plans or just really wanted to eat something else that night? Then I would have done that work for nothing and would have needed to fix it all around to use those products. Ah, that is what my head told me. I didn’t realize that part of the reason I was so hesitant to use a meal plan was because I was also pretty day-plan-less. (Granted, I am just now coming out of the “baby nurses throughout the night” fog. I am guessing that has to do with it a bit.)

But now our season is different, and along with a new work schedule (I will write about this soon, I promise…) meal planning not only seems to fit- I am actually enjoying it and letting it make my life easier! I am glad to find ways to make certain things a bit less time-consuming, so I can spend more time being with my girls and enriching their lives. Also, it really helps me get them in the kitchen even more- because I really put the thought into all our meals. Okay, so enough rambling.. Here are a few recipes we tried out in the last 2 weeks that were a big hit (with the mom and the dad and the girls-BOTH!).

Blueberry Breakfast Cake I used blackberries this time though, because all the blueberries at the store were moldy (YUCK)

Breakfast Cookies The girls loved these and snacked on them throughout the morning. Next time I am making a double batch. I used sugar for sweetener, substituted the raisins for chocolate chips and of course used whole milk instead of skim. Easy to make, easy to store! I also think they taste better cold…

Ham Cups Yeah, these were a huge hit too. My kids love a savory breakfast.

Avocado Egg Salad The girls love this one too. We eat the salad in wraps.

Crockpot Cheese Tortellini Everyone loved this and we had left overs for lunch the next day. I was able to get the sausage on sale so it ended up not being too expensive of a meal.

Chicken & Spinach Bake  We had a little bit of left overs with this one, which was also really good. My husband’s only concern was that it had a little too much spinach in it for his taste. I was able to get the special type of cream cheese on sale and that really kept the price down.

Taco Bake With this one I went ahead and chopped up a head of lettuce to put on top of everyone’s serving, and then added a dollop of sour cream too. I think that freshness really made a difference. I also used regular tortilla chips for $1 instead of buying Doritos that are quite a bit more expensive.

I also made Pretzles for my husband’s birthday and they turned out great. He said, “How did you make them taste like this?!” After messing with the dough I also decided it really was time I started making my own bread.. it is just too much fun. I also mixed this by hand, as I do not have any type of mixer what-so-ever. It wasn’t hard at all to use a spoon.

Looking forward to the next two weeks of meals.. I’ll share then what we tried and liked!



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2 responses to “Meal Planning Take 2

  1. Amy VanKleeck

    Sounds like some great eating is going on there!

  2. Sarah Van Kleeck

    These recipes look really yummy. I’m going to try the pretzels first. Then the avocado salad. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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