New Meals In February

meal plan photo


Here are the new meals we tried (&liked!) the last two weeks of February.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins – I made these in the muffin pan and then used the rest of the batter and put it in a cake round. It stayed well in the fridge and we used the leftovers for snacks.

Curry Chicken Salad – Everyone enjoyed this except for sweet Little W.

Simply Great Chicken – Very easy and everyone liked it, just make sure to use some type of lining- it will stick to your pan! (And in my case then boil over and make your oven smell like burned sugar for the next few days…)

3-in-1 Chicken – We took this to a friend’s house with a new baby and it was an easy and “old farm” (as my husband put it) kind of meal.

Brown Sugar Pork – My husband loved this, and I am sure to make it again. This is really easy and really good, a winning combo. I recommend making a double batch of the glaze, because even though the pork is tasty on its own, the glaze takes it over the top.

And with that I am ending my “two weeks of pork” for “two weeks of beef”.  I’m just trying to give us some variety, since most of our meat is chicken and venison.  My husband did remind me yesterday at the store that every week of beef would be just fine with him, though.


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