Amusing Moments as a Homemaker

Earlier today my husband and I were talking about ways to enhance our odds at getting a good home loan if we choose to purchase land soon.  After getting the mail, he noticed another credit card application in his name.  We chuckled at the sales pitch together, but then we both came to the same conclusion.  Even though we do not want to use credit, we would like to have as much as possible available (to make our revolving credit ratio look as awesome as possible during the loan process).  We currently have only a Discover account  so he thought it might be wise to call and see if we could get our credit amount bumped up, since we have never requested it.

He called and soon the phone was switched to me, because I was the one that opened that account back long ago, just after we were married.  Apparently it has always been in my name only, he just has a card in his name under the account- but no account privileges.  Well we got that sorted out and had him attached properly (in 3-4 business days, of course) before moving on to requesting a higher line.  The lady was so nice, and started asking me questions.  How much is your annual income?  Own a home or rent?  How much is your monthly rent?  And how long have you lived at your current residence?  She got to What is your place of employment? and when I started to answer the name of my husband’s work I had to stop. WAIT! Does she mean ME?  I told her it was my husband’s salary and job information.  She laughed a bit along with me as I told her I was a homemaker and this was our family’s income.  She let me know that would not do, as it had to be MINE!  I couldn’t help giggling as I answered her questions again.  What is your annual income? Ah, zero.  And what do you do? I am a homemaker. How long have you been at home?  Since 2010. Oh, okay, you are currently in school? Nope. (By this point I know what is going to happen and I am cracking up like no other, as is my husband.)  Well let me see. Okay, I am sorry but you do not currently qualify for more credit.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I must look ridiculous on paper! Zero income, not going to school, with a paid off (as in zero revolving debt) credit card and asking for more credit? According to their records, how do I even pay my rent?! The sweet woman at Discover was chuckling right along with us.  She told me once my husband is switched over to full account access we can go through him instead of me.

Homemakers… confusing paper-trails since well, whenever people started using paper trails.



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2 responses to “Amusing Moments as a Homemaker

  1. Lesa Schmidt

    hahaha….. This has happened to me over the years, too. Sometimes, I get credit card offers in my name because (apparently) MY credit is amazing. I once had a card that was in my name primarily, we charged something large for which we had been saving, and then paid if off right away. tada! I’m a great credit risk even though I have no income of my own. hehehe….. 😉

  2. When we were told our credit scores while in the process of seeing what type/amount of loan we qualify for, I was told that although my credit was great, it did not matter as much as my husband’s because his money would be paying for the loan! Not sure how that works exactly, I mean, the things that made my credit good were from his check and my budget as well, but oh well! 🙂

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